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Sustainable Farming.

Phytochem Consulting


Phytochem was founded to support growers with the best scientific knowledge available. The company helps navigate the world of plant science and production. We have a special focus on supporting organic production and other environmentally sustainable practices.

The company is based in Vancouver, Canada, with international experience and clients. Previous work has built expertise in Norway, the Netherlands and Colorado (USA). Current projects involve partners in the UK, Singapore and of course some great stuff right here at home in Vancouver.

Over the past few years our work has moved largely to Internet of Things (IoT) prototype development. The two main internal projects are The Wely Device and Rudy the Greenhouse. The Wely Device is an IoT tool for monitoring the water content of a potted plant or tray of seedlings. Rudy The Greenhouse is an IoT smart greenhouse, packed with sensors and electronics!

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